“Certain” images floating around the internet make it necessary to patch the KV and SMC in order to run on Cygnos360 V2. This toolbox adds all the required functions to easily accomplish this task. The “Program Flash” dialog now allows you to specify a patched SMC and KV to inject into the image on the fly. A patched SMC can be created with the “Patch SMC” dialog, if the SMC from your original image is known to the toolbox. If this is not the case, there are pre-patched SMCs available “at the usual places”.

Another dialog “Extract KV” has been added, which will simply dump the KV from your original image (Remember to use the “Patch SMC” and “Extract KV” dialogs only with original images, they won’t work otherwise).

Please note, that this is beta software! It should only be tested by experienced users.

Cygnos360 V2 Toolbox 1.09 beta 2.zip

Have fun with this new toolbox and please report any bugs!