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New Firmware 1.03 beta 2 and Toolbox 1.08 beta

Thursday, January 14th, 2010



a new firmware v1.03 beta 2 and toolbox v1.08 is available for download from here:

*** BETA firmware and toolboxes should only be tested by advanced users. ***

The firmware contains all the new features of the previous firmware 1.03 beta. Please refer to this thread for further details. In conjunction with toolbox v1.08 beta, the new firmware will greatly improve upon read and write performance.

On our test system, programming a 16MB flash took 48 seconds with firmware 1.02. With the same firmware, reading took 55 seconds. Cygnos360 V2 was plugged in a cheap USB 2.0 hub for these test. With the new firmware v1.03 beta 2, programming takes 24 seconds and reading 28 seconds.

Performance has been much worse in the past when Cygnos360 V2 was connected to a USB root hub. This situation has improved now up to a point, where it is only slightly slower.

Your feedback is always welcome. Since we altered the timing of the NAND-flash reading and writing, regressions in this area may be possible. If you experience reading or writing errors you did not have previously, please report!

Differences in read and write performance are also of interest. Enjoy!