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Cygnos360 V2.0

Cygnos360 V2.0 installed

Cygnos 360 features

Feature summary

Some features of the new Cygnos360 V2.0
- "JTAG hack" is integrated into the Cygnos360 V2 firmware
- switch between the kernel on your Xbox360 and the kernel on Cygnos360 V2 (for example for region-code switching or switching to homebrew/exploitable kernel)
- no lifting of CE-pin or cutting of traces neccessary
- protect your data by storing offline information on the Cygnos360 V2 NAND-flash and avoid banning (dirty-NAND concept)
- directly downgrade on the Cygnos360 V2 NAND-flash (THIS IS NOT NECESSARY ANYMORE)
- easy quicksolder installation of Cygnos360 V2
- Cygnos360 V2 firmware can be up- und downgraded to any version in the field
- built from high quality components
- easy to use
- a reliable solution
- run Linux and homebrew
- read and flash your Xbox360 and Cygnos360 V2 NAND-flash in less than one minute
- Infectus is no longer needed for any of the functions

In the Xbox 360, on-board NAND-flash memory stores important data like the hypervisor, kernel, and key vault.

Through installation of Cygnos 360, the onboard NAND-flash memory is complemented with another NAND-flash memory contained on the Cygnos 360 printed-circuit board. Being able to choose between both NAND-flash memories opens up a variety of new fascinating possibilities. The following list tries to give you an impression about what can be done with Cygnos 360:

- choose between a kernel for playing games or a vulnerable kernel for running Linux / homebrew
- play imported games or movies by switching your region code
- run homebrew via the JTAG hack
Please refer to our forum for more info, since that changes faster than we upate the website :-)