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updated 06.07.2009

Version 2.0 is hitting the road.




Cygnos360 V2 now also supports Jasper 16Mb mainboards!



New xbox360 "Jtag" hack running via Cygnos360

xZool has uploaded a video of the new hack booting off a Cygnos360 V2.0



XBMC is running on xbox360

We managed to patch XBMC for linux so that it runs on the xbox360. It is still a prove of concept and does not have sound or video acceleration, but it runs!


Announcing Cygnos360 V2.0 !!!

Cygnos360 V2.0 Prototype

Some features of the new Cygnos360 V2.0

- downgrade Xbox360 (production before August 2007 and non-HDMI)
- switch between the kernel on your Xbox360 and the kernel on Cygnos360 V2 (for example for region-code switching or switching to homebrew/exploitable kernel)
- no lifting of CE-pin or cutting of traces neccessary
- protect your data by storing offline information on the Cygnos360 V2 NAND-flash and avoid banning (dirty-NAND concept)
- directly downgrade on the Cygnos360 V2 NAND-flash
- easy quicksolder installation of Cygnos360 V2
- Cygnos360 V2 firmware can be up- und downgraded to any version in the field
- built from high quality components
- downgrading takes 1h15m on average on a middle-class PC - reading from and writing to flash takes less than a minute each
- easy to use
- a reliable solution for downgrading (Xenon mainboards)
- run Linux (Xenon mainboards)
- read and flash your Xbox360 and Cygnos360 V2 NAND-flash in less than one minute
- Infectus is no longer needed for any of the functions

Stay tuned, more information will be coming soon!